Lewis Hampton - Property Photography Diary

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Any photographer loves it when a great new client calls them out of the blue and asks to work together! That’s exactly what happened with Lewis Hampton property. They asked me to photograph some of their properties near Huddersfield and we’ve been working together ever since. Cut to two years later and I’ve taken all of the professional photography photos on their site!

Lewis Hampton are a London-based property management company and their vision is to provide safe, secure rooms, apartments and indeed homes where you can socialise, study and stream in premium surroundings, at an affordable price. Their properties are perfectly located near city centres, hospitals or universities and come fully equipped with everything that you need

As a property photographer, one of my biggest challenges is how to really get the most out of a space and what it has to offer, taking pictures that show each space at its best. Luckily, Lewis Hampton Property let me get a bit creative. Its brilliant when a client trusts your expertise and lets you find the best way to shoot.  A few of the resulting photos are below. Let me know what you think!

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19 oak road-33.jpg
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