Airbnb - how to make your property stand out

If you haven’t heard of it already (where have you been?!) Airbnb is an innovative online marketplace that allows people to rent holiday homes, apartments, hostels and hotels all over the world. The platform follows the popular image-led style of Instagram and Pinterest and allows users to browse images and reviews of each apartment, room or hostel before they book. There’s a huge range of choices with Airbnb. It offers accommodation to suit everyone, from luxury apartments to backpacker hostels. The wide range of accommodation, locations and budget options have made the Airbnb platform a first stop for many travellers, from the adventurous student on a budget, to the holidaymaker looking for a home-from-home.


For an interior photographer like me, Airbnb has opened up more opportunities for work too! Photography is key to the success of the platform and high quality property photography is a must for any landlord or property investors letting out their property on Airbnb.

And the property market has really taken to Airbnb! Landlords and property investors are finding that Airbnb can generate more income than a standard longer-term tenancy. I’ve been checking out some recent research from the Residential Landlords Association, which shows that 1 in 3 landlords are moving towards this short-term model. The reason for this? Simply put, it yields a higher rent.

Of course, nothing is ever that simple! There are some risks to landlords and property investors switching to the short-term letting model. Perhaps the biggest risk is that in order to generate more income through Airbnb, you need your property to be full all the time. This means that you need to invest more in making sure that your property really stands out from the rest.

Another challenge that landlords and property investors encounter is that more time is required in the day-to-day running of an Airbnb let. With Airbnb, you become a ‘host’ as well as a landlord, and with visitors staying a minimum of 1-2 nights, this means that you need to carry out more tasks than you perhaps would usually. These include welcoming guests, arranging for the property to be cleaned after every visitor, taking payments and handling queries and complaints. As a result, many landlords and property investors are turning to management companies, who handle these day-to-day tasks for them.

Lavanda is one such company. I have been working as a freelance property photographer for Lavanda for over a year. Their Lavanda Agent platform enables estate agents and property investors to ‘capitalise on the full potential that exists within the short-term rental market’. Good quality interior photography is crucial to companies like Lavanda, as they help property investors and landlords to set themselves apart from local competitors and generate additional income from properties through short-term lets. A photograph of the property is usually the first thing a potential client will see, so is important that the interior photography on their site really shows each property at its very best.

So why should you invest in a good airbnb photography?

As an Airbnb host, property investor or landlord, you want your property to be full all year round. A real key to succeeding with the Airbnb platform lies in good quality interior photography that makes your property stand out from the rest. A photo is the first thing your Airbnb clients will see and with thousands of properties on offer, you need to invest in property photography that gives your place the ‘wow factor’!

Airbnb holidaymakers don’t just want to stay in your property, they want to experience the lifestyle that is on offer. A skilled interior photographer knows all the best ways to capture the essence of that lifestyle in a picture.

How to make your Airbnb property stand out: tips from an interior photographer

  • Your Airbnb property should feel to your hosts somewhere between a home and a hotel. To achieve this, high quality presentation is key. Professional Airbnb photography should present your home in its best light, so make sure that your property is clean and tidy. A professional interior photographer will know how to style your photos to show them at their best!

  • Make sure your interior photographer knows how best to highlight any unique quirks and special features in your property, such as architectural features or luxury items of furniture.

  • Location is often as important to potential guests as the accommodation itself, so make sure your property photography shows off elements of the local area too.

  • Every guest is looking for something different, but all guests like to know exactly what they are getting before stepping foot in the door, so make sure you photograph every room as well as the outside of the property. Having your home photographed by a professional interior photographer is the surest way to achieve that.

So why choose me?

My service provides access to high quality photographic equipment at an affordable price. Using studio lighting and my years of experience, each room will be photographed in a way that maximises the available light and space. Your images will then be professionally edited and delivered back to you by email within 24 hours from the day of the shoot. I’d love to chat more about your requirements. Please give me a call on 07795463308 or email


10 professionally edited images: £75

15 professionally edited images: £95

25 professional edited images: £130

Blue sky edits: £10 per photo