Drone Roof Inspection

Roof surveys for a fraction of the cost

Traditionally, getting a roof, guttering, chimney or flashing inspection would mean either highly costly scaffolding, ladders or a cherry picker on site, and usually at least 2 people for at least an entire day. Either option can be prohibitively expensive, especially when we’re only talking about someone inspecting the roof or chimney – no actual work being done. This is not to mention the safety aspect – a risk assessment will need to be carried out first.

Instead, the future of roof inspections lies with the use of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to assess the condition of the roof for both residential and commercial roof properties across the UK wide. Utilising advanced drone technology allows for a comprehensive survey of the roof, capturing detailed photography or video footage that far surpasses the capabilities of traditional inspections.

What Are Drone Roof Inspections For?

How Much Does Drone Roof Inspection Cost?

Our drone roof inspection service is a far simpler solution than traditional roof inspection methods, and only requires one person to complete the job. This means the service is far more cost effective than other methods. We offer drone inspections for residential and commercial properties starting from £200*. This includes a drone flight to capture your entire roof in which you can watch our live video feed, plus copies of all video and still photos. Contact us today to discuss the type of drone survey you’re looking for. 


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*Cost is for a simple roof inspection of a standard house, up to 6 bedrooms. For very large homes and commercial buildings with multiple inspection points, costs may be slightly higher. Call today for a quote.

Why Get A Drone Roof Inspection?

When it comes to residential roof inspections or the assessment of large commercial properties, the benefits of using a drone are unparalleled. Drones can access roof areas that are otherwise challenging or dangerous to reach, ensuring a complete inspection of the exterior, eliminating the need for costly scaffolding. This method not only saves a fraction of the cost associated with manual inspections but also reduces the time needed to obtain a thorough understanding of the state of your roof.

Choosing a drone company experienced in drone building surveys and aerial inspections, such as Photo Property, is crucial. We can deploy advanced drones equipped to capture high-resolution images and 4K video, providing a clear and detailed roof condition report. This report is essential for homeowners and businesses planning repairs and maintenance, filing insurance claims, or simply conducting a routine inspection of their roofs.

A Cost-Effective Alternative

Surveys with a drone offer an array of advantages, from the ability to capture images of damaged or missing tiles to the preparation of detailed aerial roof surveys. UK wide, the future of roof inspections is leaning heavily towards the use of drones, especially for tasks such as drone chimney inspections, where access to the roof is particularly hazardous.

It’s important to know that the use of drones for building surveys and the inspection of residential and commercial roofs offers a safer, quicker, and more cost-effective alternative to traditional inspections. The drones provide detailed images and video footage that can assist in planning repairs, making informed decisions for maintenance, and even streamlining the process for insurance claims.

A CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved survey company like ourselves specializing in drone inspections can provide a comprehensive service that can safely and legally carry out both surveys and aerial video and photography, providing a detailed and accurate assessment of your property. Whether it’s a survey of the roof to assess the condition of a damaged roof or a complete inspection to identify issues like damaged or missing tiles, drones can also assist in capturing the aerial perspective required for precise analysis.

What our clients say about us

James SwithenbankJames Swithenbank
17:14 20 Dec 21
Oliver is great, there’s no other way to put it. Always on time and goes the extra mile at every opportunity. His editing skills are fantastic and his work consistently gets me instructions when I show potential clients our previous sales and the marketing material he has produced for my company.
Ashleigh HamiltonAshleigh Hamilton
11:49 16 Dec 21
Always a great professional service offered by Oliver. He captured detailed images of our showroom apartments and communal areas which had a massive impact on the marketing and generated lots of interest from potential residents. He comes highly recommended and look forward to working with him again in the future on other schemes.
abu choudhuryabu choudhury
21:57 19 Dec 19
Oliver was great, one can clearly see his experience. He advised us on how to arrange our rooms for our first air bnb venture.He willingly staged the kitchen area to really highlight the potential of our property. I will certainly recommend to use his services.
Melinda Beckett-HughesMelinda Beckett-Hughes
09:54 25 May 18
I found the quality of Oliver's work to be extremely good. He has an excellent eye for detail and knows how a room should be presented to show it off best. I found him to be very pleasant to deal with, no faff and turned round the photos quickly. I've just booked him again for another of my properties. Would highly recommend.
James TaylorJames Taylor
15:05 03 May 18
I have worked with Oliver closely over the past 12 months and he has become our go-to guy when it comes to photographing our property portfolio. We started out as a new company and had issues with a couple of photographers before coming across Oliver. Since his first job, he has photographed over a dozen of our properties. The images are always of a brilliant quality which we use across our adverts, website and in brochures. Oliver not only delivers with quality photos but always is on time for appointments, is not afraid to be hands on when needed and does not rush. Cannot be recommended enough!

How Does Drone Roof Inspection Work?

Drone roof inspection is simple and can be done any time within daylight hours. We arrive on site, assess the weather conditions (see below for what happens if the drone is unable to fly), and discuss the details of the inspection with you. We will then fly the drone up to the roof (or whatever part of the building we are looking at), and begin the inspection. You will be able to watch the live camera feed as we go, and can give direction or request a closer look at anything you spot on the screen. We can both manoeuvre the drone closer and utilise the camera’s optical zoom to get extremely fine details of any area or item on the roof. Altogether we should only be on site for around 45 minutes to an hour. 

What Do I Get For My Money?

As mentioned above, you will get a live, interactive inspection via our live video feed, during which you are able to ask us to view and capture intricate details of any part of your building, be it the tiles, chimney, guttering or walls. All video is recorded, and you can request still photos at any moment in the drone flight.

We will then email over the videos and any photographs you request during the inspection that same day (or within 24 hours if the inspection is in the afternoon).

What If The Drone Can't Fly?

Unfortunately drones are not able to fly everywhere – some areas are prohibited, and occasionally obstacles such as trees or power lines mean it cannot be flown safely. It can also only be flown in wind of up to 15mph and in light rain.

However, if the drone is unable to fly, we have a more than capable alternative – the pole camera system! This involves putting up a very tall mast (40 ft) which carries the camera (a specialist lightweight DSLR), enabling to get every shot and video you need for your inspection. There is no extra cost in this situation.

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Benefits of Drone Roof Surveys Vs Traditional Methods

In the ever-evolving landscape of property maintenance and inspection, the emergence of drone technology has revolutionised the way we approach roof assessments and inspections. Below are the main advantages that using drones brings to the table:

Enhanced Safety and Accessibility

At the forefront of drone roof surveys is the unparalleled ability to enhance safety and accessibility in high-risk environments. By deploying drones equipped with high resolution cameras and sensors, we can remotely access and assess rooftops without the need for ladders, scaffolding, or harnesses, mitigating the potential issues of falls, injuries, and accidents associated with work at height. This not only ensures the safety of inspectors but also minimises disruption to occupants and reduces liability for property owners.

Comprehensive Coverage and Detail

Drone roof surveying offers unparalleled coverage and detail, allowing inspectors to capture detailed images of the entire roof surface, including hard-to-reach areas such as valleys, ridges, and eaves. With advanced camera technology and intelligent flight control systems, drones can capture high-resolution photos and videos from multiple angles and perspectives, providing inspectors with a detailed and accurate assessment of the roof’s condition, defects, and potential hazards.

Time and Cost Efficiency

The use of drones to conduct roof surveys and take video footage or photography of roof areas means the capture of high resolution images at a fraction of the time and cost. This technology is especially beneficial for large commercial properties where the cost of scaffolding and the logistics of manual inspections can escalate quickly.

Early Detection of Issues and Preventive Maintenance

One of the key benefits of aerial drone inspections is the ability to facilitate early detection of roof issues and defects, enabling property managers or owners to implement timely repairs and preventive maintenance measures. By identifying problems such as leaks, cracks, or structural damage in their early stages, drones help prevent minor issues from escalating into costly repairs or replacements down the line, ultimately extending the lifespan of the roof and preserving the integrity of the building envelope.

Accurate Data and Documentation

Professional drone inspections provide inspectors with accurate data and documentation that can be used for record-keeping, reporting, and decision-making purposes. Through high-resolution imagery, thermal imaging, and 3D mapping capabilities, drones generate detailed reports and visualisations that document the condition of the roof, identify areas of concern, and track changes over time. This data-driven approach not only facilitates informed decision-making but also enables you to prioritise maintenance tasks and allocate resources effectively.

Environmental Sustainability

In an era of increasing environmental awareness, drone roof surveys offer a sustainable alternative to traditional inspection methods that rely on heavy machinery, fuel-powered vehicles, and harmful chemicals. By harnessing the power of clean energy and automation, drones minimize carbon emissions, reduce fuel consumption, and lower the environmental footprint associated with property maintenance and inspection activities. This aligns with the growing trend towards sustainability and corporate social responsibility, positioning drone roof surveys as a responsible choice for eco-conscious owners and managers.

In summary, drone roof surveys represents a paradigm shift in the field of property maintenance and inspection, offering a host of benefits that enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability. By leveraging the latest advancements in drone technology, inspectors can gain unprecedented access to rooftops, capture detailed pictures and video, and identify issues with precision and accuracy. Whether it’s ensuring the safety of workers, optimizing maintenance schedules, or preserving the longevity of roofs, drone roof inspection is poised to revolutionize the way we care for and maintain our built environment.

We record video and stills at 4k UHD resolution, and the DSLR camera we use has a 30x optical zoom, enabling us to get extremely high levels of detail from several metres away. You keep this video and can use it however you wish.

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous tradespeople out there, and its not unheard of for untrustworthy roofers to claim a roof requires thousands of pounds’ worth of work – when in reality it does not. However, an aerial roof survey means you can see for yourself, and can avoid being scammed.

Due to the speed and ease of drone roof inspections, the cost is much lower than traditional methods – up to half the cost in some cases.

As no one is physically going up to the roof, there is no chance of injury. This also means the cost is lower, as there is no need for costly personal injury insurance.

What to Expect on the Day of your Drone Roof Survey

I will show up at the designated site on the day we have scheduled for your roof inspection. This will be during the day, when visibility is ideal for commercial drone flying. I will then assess the conditions and decide whether it is safe to carry out the survey of the roof.

We will then have a thorough conversation to go over the goals and expectations for the inspection. This conversation is essential to confirming that our objectives match up and that all aspects of the inspection accurately represent your unique needs and concerns. After that, I will evaluate the entire property thoroughly, noting prospective inspection locations as well as important areas of interest.

Before I arrive, any extra tools or supplies that could be needed for the inspection should be easily accessible on the premises. In addition to any safety gear or protective equipment required for the operation of the drone in accordance with local laws and best practices, this may also include access to power outlets for charging drone batteries.

I will then start the drone survey as soon as everything is ready. The drone will fly over your property using sophisticated remote sensing and aerial imaging technologies, taking high-definition pictures and videos of the roof structure, shingles, flashing, and other important areas of the roof you need to take a close look at.

I will carefully examine the roof at different heights and angles throughout the inspection to make sure it is thoroughly covered and that any potential flaws or areas of concern are documented in detail. In order to provide context and perspective, this may entail taking panoramic views and zooming in on particular areas for deeper examination.

Various factors, including the property’s size and complexity and the scope of the required inspection, will affect how long the inspection takes. Larger or more complex properties may require more time, but generally speaking, inspections take one to two hours.

After the inspection is over, I will go over the unprocessed photos and videos to make sure everything is correct and of high quality. We can talk about any quick observations or concerns you may have if you are present during the examination. If you can not make it in person, I can still give you access to the raw data so you can check and approve it.

Using specialised software tools, I will process and analyse the data gathered during the inspection and produce comprehensive reports and visualisations of the roof condition within the next 24 to 48 hours. This could entail annotating the imagery to highlight areas of interest or concern in addition to stitching together many photographs to produce panoramic views.

After the analysis is finished, I will send you an electronic copy of the final inspection report, usually through an encrypted web portal or email. This report will provide a thorough assessment of the state of the roof, highlighting any problems found, suggesting maintenance or repairs, and providing accompanying visual records.


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About Me

I am a seasoned professional with years of experience in drone services spent providing developers, managers, and property owners with unmatched service and all-inclusive solutions. Having worked in the industry for more than ten years, I have developed my abilities and polished my methods to provide accuracy, effectiveness, and dependability in all aerial inspection projects.

My experience with drone roof surveys has been shaped by a wide range of projects, from industrial facilities and commercial buildings to residential homes. My vast expertise has given me a thorough grasp of the special difficulties and complexity involved in roof inspections, which enables me to modify my strategy to fit the requirements and goals of each individual customer.

I recognise the value of not just pointing out problems and flaws but also offering suggestions and practical ideas to deal with them. Modern drone technology and sophisticated imaging capabilities are used by me to make sure that every inspection is carried out as precisely, completely, and meticulously as possible.

I retain open lines of contact with my clients, keeping them informed and involved at every stage, from the minute I come on-site until I deliver the final inspection report and drone footage. Whether navigating intricate roof geometries, evaluating difficult-to-reach locations, or taking high-resolution photos, I go above and beyond make sure my clients are happy.

I put the lifespan, integrity, and safety of your assets first as a dependable partner in property management, helping you in maximising the return on your investments. You can be confident that your demands for a roof inspection are in good hands when you have me on your side.