Virtual Staging Services

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is giving a property a polished finish that will make it look more appealing to would-be buyers. With traditional staging, real furniture and decor in your house is staged by a professional, to look the very best it can be. 

An empty, lifeless space or dated decor can be brought to life with rented contemporary furniture brought in for the shoot. Professional photos are then taken for use in marketing the property. It can be an extremely effective way of improving a house’s chances of selling for its highest potential price. 

What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging (also known as digital staging) is exactly the same as traditional staging, the difference is that it is done virtually with the use of computer aided design or CGI, enabling property owners to show potential buyers or renters the full potential of vacant properties or those with old fashioned decor – all without the high costs of traditional physical staging (often around 10% of the cost). 

It can also be used simply to test out new interior design ideas – more on that below. 

How Much Does Virtual Staging Cost?

As mentioned above, virtual house staging usually costs around 10% of the cost of traditional home staging. At Photo Property, we charge £35 per image for simple staging such as adding furniture. For 5 images or more, we provide a 10% discount. For more complex staging requirements, please speak to me on 07795463308 or email me for a quote.


per image

How Does Virtual Staging Work?

A specialist such as myself, uses 3D modeling software to creates interiors in a specific style by adding or editing decor and realistic furniture, which is then overlaid onto photographs of your property‘s rooms. Other elements such as accessories, fixtures and fittings are added and edited. Finally, lighting and shadows are added to blend the virtual elements into the room and create the final realistic image.

Turnaround time is 2 – 3 days after we receive your images. 

Benefits of Virtual Staging Vs Traditional Staging

Virtual property styling can be done for approximately 10% of the cost of physical home staging, meaning all that saved money can be invested elsewhere.

Traditional home staging usually requires that furniture be rented for the shoot, often at quite a high cost, and often the minimum period of time it can be rented for is several weeks. With virtual staging services however, the furniture is digital and is simply part of the process

Want to redecorate your home but unsure how a piece of furniture or colour palette will look in reality? Want to try some new bold furniture but scared it won’t fit your room? Virtual furniture staging can help you visualize the changes you want utilising 3D furniture models placed in your actual rooms, giving the appearance of real furniture in your home.

Alternatively, if you don’t already know the decor options you want, you can use virtual furnishings to see how a range of realistic furniture looks in your room by choosing from our library of furniture styles and seeing how each looks in your home.

Because it is done with computers, virtual property staging can be done in hours and delivered next day (depending on the scale of the job), compared to traditional home staging which usually takes a full day to stage, adding up to 2 – 3 days for the equivalent job. The timespan for physical home staging will be even longer if rooms require additional work such as painting or wallpapering before staging can take place.

James SwithenbankJames Swithenbank
17:14 20 Dec 21
Oliver is great, there’s no other way to put it. Always on time and goes the extra mile at every opportunity. His editing skills are fantastic and his work consistently gets me instructions when I show potential clients our previous sales and the marketing material he has produced for my company.
Ashleigh HamiltonAshleigh Hamilton
11:49 16 Dec 21
Always a great professional service offered by Oliver. He captured detailed images of our showroom apartments and communal areas which had a massive impact on the marketing and generated lots of interest from potential residents. He comes highly recommended and look forward to working with him again in the future on other schemes.
abu choudhuryabu choudhury
21:57 19 Dec 19
Oliver was great, one can clearly see his experience. He advised us on how to arrange our rooms for our first air bnb venture.He willingly staged the kitchen area to really highlight the potential of our property. I will certainly recommend to use his services.
Melinda Beckett-HughesMelinda Beckett-Hughes
09:54 25 May 18
I found the quality of Oliver's work to be extremely good. He has an excellent eye for detail and knows how a room should be presented to show it off best. I found him to be very pleasant to deal with, no faff and turned round the photos quickly. I've just booked him again for another of my properties. Would highly recommend.
James TaylorJames Taylor
15:05 03 May 18
I have worked with Oliver closely over the past 12 months and he has become our go-to guy when it comes to photographing our property portfolio. We started out as a new company and had issues with a couple of photographers before coming across Oliver. Since his first job, he has photographed over a dozen of our properties. The images are always of a brilliant quality which we use across our adverts, website and in brochures. Oliver not only delivers with quality photos but always is on time for appointments, is not afraid to be hands on when needed and does not rush. Cannot be recommended enough!

Virtual Staging Before & After


Are you concerned that virtual staging won’t look real? Well there’s no need to be worried – we use cutting-edge technology and the most up-to-date staging techniques to make sure that your final image looks just like a natural photo. Techniques like 3D lighting, hyper-realistic shadows and micro textures are blended together so that your final image looks like it was staged in a traditional way, and that the furniture was actually there in the room with the photographer.


Do you need to get your property on the market as soon as possible? Are you feeling pressure to get your listing up? We get it – which is why we aim to produce your finished virtually staged photos in less than 72 hours.


Choose from 5 distinct decor styles: Modern, Traditional, Transitional, Rustic and Coastal. Alternatively, describe the look you are wanting and we will strive to find virtual furniture that fits in and illustrates the aesthetic. You can also provide photographs of furniture you like and we’ll try our best to replicate it as closely as possible.

See the complete library of virtual furniture here


Want to change something after we’ve sent over your final images? Perhaps you’ve had a change of heart about a piece of furniture, or would like to change the layout slightly? No problem – just let us know within a month of the original job completion, and we’ll be happy to help – all at no additional cost. 

How to Prepare Your Home for Virtual Staging

Prior to ordering virtually staged photos it’s important to prepare the space to be photographed as best you can, to ensure the final product is as good as can be, and to keep editing costs down. So here are our 4 simple tips to get the most out of your virtual staging experience:


It takes 3 simple steps